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How To Become Famous on Social Media

These days, almost everyone is trying to figure out how to become famous on social media. Some people are after this for noble reasons such as wanting to “make a difference” in the world. Others do it for vanity purposes like hitting that 100K follower milestone or getting that coveted blue checkmark.But haven’t you noticed? Almost anyone can be “famous” on social media. What truly makes someone well-known is how quickly a follower can recognize a personal brand. And that can happen whether you have 10K followers or 1 Million.

Share Your Story

I recommend telling stories about:
How you got started
A time when you failed, and
A story that made you question
Write them down, and tell them over and over again to your social media audience.

Know Your End Goal

There’s no point in building your brand awareness, if you don’t have an end goal in mind.
Here are a couple of options to get you thinking. Do you want to:
Build up your clientele?
Reach a sale milestone?
Land speaking opportunities?
Build passive income?
Sell your own line of products?
Work with brands?
Get verified on social media?
Reach a certain follower count?


Being famous on social media means having the authority and trust of your audience. It doesn’t mean having a blue checkmark or a high follower count.I’ve been a personal branding strategist and a social media enthusiast for a decade now. And based on what’s actually happening on social media platforms today, it’s easy to see that “fame” on social media is more about the value you bring and less about the likes you get. Especially since the idea of hiding likes on platforms like Instagram is becoming a widely adaptive practice across social media.

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